AIKON partners offer modern and professional Search and Recruitment services for leadership roles and key positions.
Regardless of the change and transformation, your business is facing, we help to identify and attract the world-class talent needed to execute your strategy.
The Executive Search industry has changed rapidly during the past 10-15 years. We are here to challenge the industry with a fresh perspective and a modern approach.
• We are flexible and solution-oriented.
• We listen and find the optimal solution.
• We identify and attract the most potential leaders for your organization across the globe.

AIKON PARTNERS offer talent mapping for multiple purposes such as succession planning, defining new roles, benchmark or gathering market intelligence. Regularly engaging with external talent can improve employer brand and generally raise the reputation of your organization and increase the chance to attract the most potential candidates in the future.
Reach out to one of our partners if you wish to discuss talent mapping /pipelining when proactively defining and identifying any new roles your organization will need in order to drive its strategy.

We also offer talent mapping as a stand-alone or first step in a potential search assignment.

Regardless of the purpose with your external talent mapping and/or market research you will be gathering market intelligence and insights into competitor capabilities.

Are you looking to establish your corporate talent acquisition function?
Are you facing a demanding load of recruitments?
Do you need help and expertise to build a digital team?

Having senior Talent acquisition professionals focusing on senior and executive roles for your company brings many benefits. It lowers the annual cost, brings better speed, more quality hiring and much higher candidate satisfaction, increasing also your employer branding.

Several AIKON partners have worked as in-house Talent Acquisition consultants in large global enterprises. We know the life of corporate recruiters, and can help you to set up Talent acquisition teams and build professional recruitment functions.

We can also be your extended arm and help you in demanding times with demanding roles, where experience with direct search is needed.

AIKON partners offers leadership and personality assessment as an integrated part of our recruitment processes – or as stand-alone offering in case you need a second opinion.
A personality and leadership potential assessment offer you the opportunity to get a deeper and fuller picture of your potential new hire by predicting job performance based on the person’s values, motivators, potential/strengths and development areas.
AIKON Partners tailor our leadership assessments to your needs. In addition to a competency based and situational interview, we offer our clients to assess the candidates with Hogan assessments systems.

Are you an investor who needs to review your management team in a pre or post acquisition phase?
Is your company facing a comprehensive transformation?
You may consider a management audit.
AIKON partners can tailor an audit to your needs and will often include:
•  Functional assessment of each team member
•  In-depth personality assessment (Hogan) and analytical capacity.
•  Assessment of team effectiveness, including a perspective on the balance of people in the team, common values and potential dysfunctions
In addition to assessing the team and potentially disclosing gaps or dysfunctionalities – a management audit is an excellent tool to tie your team closer together, to motivate and to ensure you are on the right – and the same track.

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Our AIKON PARTNERS have searched for candidates in over 30 countries and placed them in 22 countries.

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